HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY 5.8.11 because we love being mothers!

There is nothing new about the holiday we celebrate - MOTHER's DAY,
but it is just a great opportunity to enjoy EACH OTHER
and show GRATITUDE for the women in our lives
that have GIVEN so much personally to
HELP us in EVERY ASPECT of our lives!
I know that my GRANDMOTHERS did that
for my mother and father and for ME
I see that my MOTHER & MOTHER-IN-LAW
do that for me and my husband!
THEY TAUGHT me how to be a mother and now a grandmother -
I HONOR them both, Carroll Favero and Shirley Nichols for being YOU and
TEACHING us daily to be FAITHFUL daughters of our Heavenly Father.

Now, I am HONORED to have had the BLESSING in my life
to be the MOTHER to 7 wonderful spirits to
LOVE, NURTURE, and TEACH about His Plan of Happiness.
IT HAS BEEN AN HONOR and I am looking forward
to many more years of FAMILY!

Thanks to all of my
who inspire me everyday and show me the way -


EVERYTHING IN IT'S SEASON - Why? BECAUSE THERE IS A REASON, we may not know or understand YET! But there is. . .I am sure.

A friend Brother Gaylen Young passed away on his trip home to SLC from Bakersfield -
I am sorry I didn't get to see him and wish him well -
His positive attitude and happy heart have touched many lives in this community including mine -
Many people were able to attend his memorial and share special stories and memories of him.
It was so nice to see that he was recognized for his FAITHFUL
and valiant mission while here on this earth.
He was truly a disciple of our Savior and it has been said
he has been called home to help with His work,
because He knew He could depend on Gaylen -
I like that thought and I am sticking to it!

Thanks for the example of discipleship and
for being a Quiet but faithful GIANT to many!