The Rehab begins @ HealthSouth

It is only a few days into it -
but I could already write a book about
the feelings and experiences that I have had -
. . . some good, some not so good. . .
but it is better than the alternative.
Life is precious and we must do everything to preserve it.
From conception to completion.
We wonder what will be our future -
we know what has been our past
and it has been perfect.
So, the expectations now are unknown.
It will continue to improve as we work together with that purpose in mind.
Our children are arriving and the tradition will continue!
WE WILL BE TOGETHER and get to talk to Elder Kyle from Peru
- that will make us complete!
Thanks for all of your prayers and concern.
We Thank our Heavenly Father for his infinite wisdom and love,
and especially for sending His Son.
I am learning daily to rely on my Saviour, Jesus Christ,
for strength and understanding.
I thought I already did that.
I have been humbled through this experience.
Merry Christmas to each of you and the hope for a better New Year in 2010.

What a difference A DAY makes - My world is upside down. . .

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, that I blogged about last -
my dad took another fall in their home -
Little did we realize at the time, that he would have another trial to endure . . .
My heart is sad to see him suffering after the effects of an emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain that developed while his injury had caused an area of his brain to bruise and seep blood - nothing was different with him for the 5 days following the fall, we had even been to see Dr's and all seemed OKAY - Until Thursday Dec. 3, he began to have trouble with his speech intermittently and the following day it was consistantly babbling, so the Dr. said to call 911 and take him to the hospital, were we were meet by a Neurosurgeon that quickly explained what they found and were going to do immediate surgery. Luckily for us, we felt confident in his decision and Steve and Brandon were able to give him a Priesthood blessing - so off he went to the unknown. Bro. Johnson came that evening to give him another blessing with Tyler when he was returned to his room following surgery. I knew my Dad would like that.
He has always had great faith and felt the affects during his times of need, and there have been plenty in his 83.5 years of life. He feels the more the merrier! My mom has been great, strong and gentle with her sweetheart of 59 years - they just celebrated that Nov. 3, 2009 and she celebrated her 79th birthday on Dec. 7, 2009 in his ICU room sweetly stroking his hands and face - it has always been her way of soothing him and showing her love. Our children have been able to come from away and spend time visiting and taking care of things for Grandma at home as well as for their Grandpa at his bedside like washing his hair on the right side - that is still the pretty white hair we have grown accustom to. Stephanie and Tyler come daily to visit with their little ones, Papa Bob loves to see them and needs their hugs - Nikki and Peter came to spend the nights or days with him that first week, so he wouldn't be alone - Stacie and Danette, our niece, came the 2nd week to cheer him up and make him laugh and remember all of the fun times they have shared with Grandpa - We are starting the process of getting him to Rehab and we are happy to report that he is pleasant and trying to stay happy! We will keep you posted and would love to have your visit by mail or in person - I am so happy to know that all of us will be together and "HOME FOR CHRISTMAS". I am thankful for Steve's support and care while I am dealing with new things each day - I appreciate all of my children's spouses for allowing them to come and be with us. Please continue to Keep us in your prayers and remember to be Thankful for all that we have been blessed with in our family and yours. We are very aware of all of our family & good friends - I know that my Heavenly Father knows our needs and am thankful for the comfort of the Spirit in our lives daily - Our Saviour is our redeemer and friend and will not leave us alone to deal with our trials - We feel Him in our lives daily - Enjoy this holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!

GRATEFUL FOR OUR FAMILY....looking forward to their arrival!

Elder Jordan Urmston Paraguay October 2008
Elder Kyle Nichols Peru July 2009
Elder Alex Favero Phillipines October 2009
Elder Brock Nichols Australia November 2009
Elder Joseph Favero Norway December 2009
We are blessed for their Service and Example
of Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Alot can be said about a holiday weekend
without your family around!
I wasn't looking forward to it,
but it actually turned out to be
a very special day for us as well!
We got to enjoy Disneyland,
it's our Anniversary also on Nov. 30th
I convinced Eric to join us all at Christmas -
Steve went 4 wheeling and camped in the snow
with David Bunting and Oscar and Juan Delgado and their boys -
I actually got to check alot of things off my list
Nativities are down for the big event
Decorating is started
Shopping is in progress, thanks to Rachel and Jon and Fia
joining me while they came to visit my folks -
We ate Indian food at Taj Ma Hall, Kyle and Stacie's favorite
Jon loves food from India since his mission to Australia.
Condor game topped the evening once Steve returned!
My favorite part of the holiday was the fact that
my kids got to spend time with their "in-laws" and
I know how much their families love them as well!
In fact, because Peter has a home in SLC, Stacie
Tyler, Heidi and Nikki all got together for a visit there!
So, I better not speak too soon. . .
because there is still a lot left to do -
But, it's not even Christmas Eve, & I have
started the wrapping - Stacie will be thankful!
The highlight of the day will be
talking to Elder Kyle Nichols
and making a wonderful video
of all of his nieces and nephews -
Be looking forward to the infamous PHOTO
on Christmas morning of the family waiting
to come downstairs - He actually picked out
the cute matching PJ's for all of the grandkids!

MORE TO COME - Check out Kyle's updated blog. . .

Fall is finally in the air and I feel cold -
so I need to get out the winter clothes and put away the summer stuff....
But more importantly is the update to this blog .....tonight!
Then the preparation for the families arrival for the Christmas Holiday -

Fall is in the Air - as well as a new leaf for us!

September took me to Utah to attend Alex Favero's mission stuff -
temple/talk and spending time in Peter's new home and Stacie's new career -
Being able to spend time with them helps me adjust
to them all being away from home!
We enjoy all of their activities and
watching each new step in their lives that shows
their independence and responsible decisions!
We know we are blessed with great kids and now their families!
So, it is at this time of year we GIVE THANKS for each of them and
want to let them know we love them TOO MUCH!
Tyler and Katy moved into their new home in August.
Peter moved into his new home in September and then
we lost the 3 little kids when Steph and Brandon
moved into their new home in early October.
IT SURE IS QUIET! Thanks for the memories and
all of the wonderful times Kids -
we love you all and are so proud of each of you
and as new families and as a WHOLE BIG FAMILY!
Love always, Mom and Dad

Summer Fun with Family - 2009

Hiking near Mt. Whitney was fun -
brought altitude sickness for Dayna and Shingles for Steve
Great friends and beautiful views -
the Passing of Uncle Chuck saddens us all -
but we were able to spend time with family and Celebrate his life!
Dayna, Jeff and Nate and the Shanklins
Spiritually fed by Jeff and comforted by the Spirit.
Sheila sang 2 beautiful numbers that Bernie and Chuck loved from the MTC!
Grandma and Jeff got to go to Ohio with the rest of the family!
I SPENT MY BDAY in the Phoenix Airport waiting for another flight...crazy.

Labor Day was another fun memory at Lake Mead in LV
drug out the old parachute and will have to repair it
and try again soon -
Spencer and Sam enjoyed the remote for the drapes in the hotel -
Jersey Boys with Heidi & Rich and Jay Leno show with Peter, Zach and Brad Sims -
while Stacie shopped with her friend Stacie and sister-in-law Rachel
were our FUN and we are looking
forward to an October run on the water!


I think I told the birthing story last year -

So, this year it will be the piggie story from the Great Kern County Fair -

Peter was only about 2 and he use to love Pigs - at least we collected them for him after this. . .

He wanted to go to the fair and when we would ask him why -

He would say to see the Pigs and then oink like a pig

So, we had him do it over and over again on a video camera and we loved to listen to him -

because of his age and the way he talked and he was cute and had blonde curly hair!

If someone would help me learn how to put that video on the blog, I would let you see him again.

Now, we find him perplexed about things like which fridge to buy for his new home and

Then when it comes, it is all for not, the door has a dent in it and he thinks it will bother him so he asks them to replace it - A much better solution to the 1st idea to refuse the fridge - then rent a fridge and have to wait until my bday on 8/31 to get a new one shipped out -

SO - He took the fridge !

AUGUST 1st - She's married!

Mrs. Stacie Nichols Smith to Mr. Zachary Lance Smith
Oh my goodness, it was a beautiful day and beautiful bride!
Friday Night in LA at the temple awaiting the event
We all gathered and enjoyed each other's company
Saturday was a 9:30 am wedding with family and friends present
at the Los Angeles LDS Temple in Santa Monica, CA

Perfect Weather
Perfect Place
Perfect People
Perfect Beginning
Perfect Party
Perfect Ending
to a
Perfect Day!

Thanks to everyone who helped us make her dream come true!
Thanks to everyone of you that came to wish them well!
We love seeing all of our family and friends!
Enjoy your summer~
visit Stacie's blog to see the photo's
Here is our photo of the newly weds at the humble abode in Utah!

Well -He's Gone......ELDER UNCLE KYLE

July 7, 2009 was the actual plane ride to SLC for the new life at the Provo MTC
The newest Elder Nichols replaces his cousin Elder Bradley Nichols now home
July 29, will be the next plane ride to Lima Peru MTC for more knowledge -
Cool part is that HE LOVES IT ALREADY & has great success with spanish.
So there is hope for all you high school spanish students
and rewards for seminary teachers!
Today will mark the official launch of the KYLE blog,
& you can follow his mission stuff there. .
We appreciate all you who have supported Kyle
as he prepares for this great opportunity!

As always. . .It's been a whirlwind summer, and we are almost there -
THE WEDDING! Hope to see a lot of you there. . .
Miss Stacie will become Mrs. Smith on August 1
and she will be busy preparing her classroom after that -
so you will have to catch her updates on her blog as well.
Thanks to her sisters for throwing a shower in June and
helping by making the dresses for the little girl cousins!
Many new addresses in store for our kids -
so we will update those as they happen -
always feel free to look any of us up on FB

Sincerely want to thank all of our friends and family
for making LIFE possible for us and enduring
the drama of our lives as we have defragged and
cleaned up our home and yard in preparation for our
EMPTINESS & some company to join us -
Stephanie/Brandon/Christian/Elyse/Grant moved in when
Kyle moved out and it has been a welcome addition -
they are helping us block out the
"QUIET" of our "Empty Nest"
with the shrills and giggles of a happy home
with adventures in reorganizing/ yard work/chasing the little dog
& swimming a lot ! ! ! ! !

Looking forward to having all of our children with us again
in the LA temple and thinking of Kyle as He serves the Lord diligently
and blessing the lives of those he meets!
Labor Day tradition will hopefully continue and
we will meet again at the Lake!

Memorial Day - Official kick off summer 2009

Memorial Weekend speaks for itself -
Great Family Friends, the next generation!
Great FUN and always more food than we need.
Our Bit of Heaven on Earth

All of our children, spouses, and grandchildren
and our parents spent the day in the LA Temple.

Guys wrapped it up with a fun night at the Dodger Game
to honor Kyle's request for "BONDING" before he
leaves for his 2 year mission to Peru on July 7th

Gals celebrated Stacie's upcoming wedding by showering
her with gifts, and embarrassing her with funny memories -
asking her & Zach what their new life will bring
SUNDAY, June 28, 2009
Kyle and Stacie gave beautiful talks at Sacrament meeting
Zach officially joined the bros...Tyler, Peter and Kyle
"I Know that My Redeemer Lives"
A mother's pay to hear her children and feel complete!

We continued our tradition of playing at the lake for the 4th of July
Kyle Peter Stacie and Zach joined us at Nikki's

HAPPY BDay Kyle 19 and counting the days. . .April 24, 2009

Couldn't let Kyle's special day go by without honoring him
Even though I spent a lot of time on the blessing day and Kyle -
It deserves to be said that as they say,
they save the best for last -?!?
Well -
He may be the best
because he is the last ..... and I finally figured it out,
the parenting thing -
He may be the best
because he is the best, of all who have gone before,
the sibling thing -
He may be the best
because he has learned from all of my mistakes
and thinks he knows everything better than I.
He may be the best
because he spent every moment trying to be
not as good as the rest for fear someone might notice.
He may be the best
because he received a special mission to fulfill
here on the earth and he is aware of what that is.
He may be the best
because I am His mother and every mother
loves her children and thinks they are the best.
whatever the reason,
this is his season and I know he will shine and
find those people that are ready to be taught
the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he is prepared to
serve the Lord and anxious to do his job.

We love him and he will be missed while away!
Thanks for being You, Kyle - you are special!

STACIE, WACIE, Crazy little Stacie - loves her family
and of course
we LOVE HER - HAPPY DAY, April 11, 2009

Lucky is the day that we had a little girl
and we felt her special spirit.

Lucky are the sisters that
took care of her like a Princess.

Lucky are the brothers
that she took care of like a Mommy.

Lucky are her friends
that she loves & can follow her example.

Lucky are her parents
who are pleased with all her choices.

Lucky are her grandparents
who love hearing all her voices.

Lucky are her little nieces & nephews
that she loves to be around.

Lucky is the Young Man
that will love her. . . as his wife.

Lucky are the children
that will call her mother . . . all their Life.

Lucky, yes we are,
to know & LOVE our sweet,
sincere, and special Stacie!

Thanks for sharing your life with us
and showing us love
thru your acts on our behalf!

BLESSINGS . . .what a privledge to behold!

Kyle Favero Nichols was a very special teenager
that had the opportunity to have all of his grandfathers,
brothers, brothers-in-law and Father
participate in the special blessing of becoming an Elder
preparing him to serve the Lord on
his 2 year mission for the church.

It was a special ending to a perfect weekend also
while these same fine men, including Uncle Kyle,
along with Katy's family, held little Carter,
our latest addition to the family, in their hands and
gave him a name and a blessing
pronounced by his daddy, Tyler.
What a thrill for a mother to be honored
as you watch your son's participate in
such special ordinances along with your husband
and know that they are honoring their God.

We had a wonderful time being together as always and
look forward to the next milestone in our life -
Kyle entering the Temple before he leaves
on his mission to serve the Lord
in Peru, Trujillo on July 8, 2009.
It was a quiet moment here that morning
as he carefully opened his envelope.

He didn't want any fanfare or special attention,
just a solemn moment of peace and tears as we
watched Kyle receive his call to serve the Lord.
His strength was obvious as he learned of
his destination and immediately knew that
He was called where he needed to be.
So, as we are preparing with him
to make this important trip,
We are certainly enjoying the journey!

Steve's Happiest Place on Earth. . . . . . . . . . . Yes, Disneyland!

As the yearly occurance of
get in free on your Bday -

The wheels were turning for a party. . .

Steve's and Spencer's 4th big one
together at D I S N E Y L A N D!!!
Everyone made it for a CELEBRATION~

Stephanie and Brandon had to decide if they were going to buy the passes or not - Grant's free

Heidi and Rich were happy to get one in free and only have to pay for 2 til Sam turns 3 in May

Nikki and Jordan paid for just the two of them for the last time as Warren turns 3 in April

Tyler and Katy as 2fer's could go again, if they really wanted to - living so close is a plus. . .

Peter and Stacie traveled from Utah to join the family and their friends got a taste of CRAZY!

Kyle loved it all as he was beginning to realize that it might be his last trip with EVERYONE-

Of course - we will be going again . . .I heard Steve promise Christian if he helped him with some project here at the house, they would make a trip together and just hit the good stuff!

LA Zoo with Steph, Brandon & Kids - Sun & Fun!

OUR HAPPY NEW YEAR begins anew
because of
each and every one of you -

and giving us the opportunity
to enjoy ourselves for a weekend -
Beautiful place
Beautiful weather
Beautiful thoughts
Beautiful wishes
Beautiful memories - old & new!


Tyler and Katy welcomed their little son into our family! Great JOB KATY!!!
January 6th at 1:55 a.m.
8 lbs. 1 oz, 19 inches
and lots of dark hair -
He is beautiful and
loves his mommy, sister Lucy
and of course
his daddy adores them all~!
check out this blog by a family friend that put the cutest photo's up of his first few days. . .

Kyle will probably claim the title of
- since he got to hold him before
any of the other siblings -
Stacie likes to call herself everyone's
FAVORITE AUNT. . . we will see!

Lucy was loved and spoiled by Kyle for a few
days as daddy and mommy were away
she loved being with us -
Sleeping at our house was a little more exciting with the dog and movies and . . . .PAY DOUGH!
(Not sure Steve got too much sleep - just fun!)
Some people think Carter looks like Kyle
Kyle thinks he looks like Brady?
I think he looks like - Carter - Darling~!

Jan 7th PRINCESS Elyse had her 5th Birthday
and celebrated at her official bday party -
Princess' came to her castle for THE party!
Stacie got to come home for it - as well as a wedding for her cousin Courtney Urmston!
(actually she flew home via Vegas/Phoenix etc.
and flew back via Denver - the reality hit us of no direct flights from here to there anymore!)
Stacie was suffering from lack of sleep I think. . .
Stephanie was probably suffering from a headache afterward -
cute little princesses with attitudes!

Cannot wait to have you all here soon
to meet Carter and
enjoy the 10 GRANDKIDS all together!
HEY, it's about time to celebrate Papa Steve's Bday -
Disneyland might be the perfect spot!
What do you guys think????