the new puppy!

so the story is, dad was on his way to the highland homecoming game to sell programs with mom, and when he got off hwy. 58 there was a woman on the corner of brundage and mt. vernon who was trying to get rid of her for "a good price" because her land lord wouldnt let her keep the dog. so, as if he's someone from animal planet, he did the dog the justice of getting it out of the ghetto. this is so that she can join the other mutts in the backyard. oh and any suggestions for a name would be greatly considered (b/c it is lacking one at the moment).

More Vegas time

Warren was lucky to have some one on one time with Uncle Kyle this morning before heading home with Grandma & Grandpa Favero. The second picture shows his occasional stare down, particularly before going to bed. Warren loved Grandpa's cane & enjoyed playing ball with Kyle.

the stop in at the brown's w/ kyle

although sam was in "pacifier mode," spencer, like always was excited to see kyle. we were able to break the two in for a smile and i got to play with spencer for a bit. it was great after a long day behind the wheel with grandpa and grandma favero telling their, wonderful, verbal autobiographies and mission stories. i will be glad to return home tomorrow after two weeks away of canoeing the colorado river and spending a week at EFY in salt lake city. mom will be happy that she has another post on her blog.
with love-kyle

Steve's latest toys

During the chores on Saturday morning, Steve was trimming the bushes and found 4 little kitties hiding there - probably the same bushthat Katy and Tyler found the kitties hiding last year. Well, to say the least he's spending more time with them than he did with the kids as babies. The pound was not open on the weekend so he got bottles and formula and has been feeding them for 2 days. So, if you know anyone that wants a kitty call Steve.

Peter has been visiting this weekend and we finally have a few minutes so he could show me how to post on the blog site! So, I'll try to keep it up at least once a week - Hopefully every Sunday it is going to be the same time I work on the scrapbooks with the kids and trying to actually get the baby books they never had started and finished!

Stacie came home a week ago from BYU and has already worked for the new publication we have and got the books all straightened out and this week we are working on sending out letters to the outlying areas for the advertising - Stacie is working with Charlene in the office and will work on the answering machine message this week - the message is lacking. She will be learning a lot about running a business as well as working with people. Tyler is selling ads for the publication and we'll see where it takes us -

Kyle has almost finished his therapy for the soccer injury he received in Dec. 2006 - Thus he didn't get to dive this year in school and I missed watching him at the pool. He was good and he missed being with the friends.....He has attended 3 formal dances this year, the HHS winter formal with a friend since childhood - Sis. T Soelberg. . .. then he went to the church Mormal and he went on a blind date with a girl that Jordan Urmston, his cousin, set up for him. He had a good time. And finally he has just attended his junior prom at HHS with his friend since childhood - Sis. T. Soelberg. . .they all had a great time - Yes they are twins! Cute girls and cute with Kyle - I'll upload some photo's. . .that's our next lesson.

Stacie has only been home a week and has already accomplished so much! I appreciate her help and willingness to help me get caught after 17 years of absolute craziness. So our list includes organizing "stuff", sewing some fun things, scrapbooking and relaxing as we get in shape enjoy our summer! We are hoping to get the boats out this summer and even go camping with the kids some time this summer! 4 wheelers are in the garage and Peter and Kyle actually snuck out on the motorcycles for a minute on Fri. I was glad to see them enjoy themselves, together~!

Hey family! I thought I would try to post some pictures from my weekend in Vegas. The kids are as cute as ever. Here is Sam the golfer or newsie. Maybe a president?
Love, Stacie.

Editors remarks: unfortunately Stacie messed up the picture and it's not longer here. I'm home for a few days and am teaching the Nichols crew how to maneuver this thing. so you should all be able to actually see some new things up here every once in a while. [pfn]
I fixed it.-Stacie.

the big leagues

This is Peter... just posting some pics of Mom & Dad on our recent Disneyland trip... it was so much fun! Hope everyone's doing fine... somebody tell Heidi & Tyler to get their Bloggs going! All the pictures are pretty self-explanatory, but I think they're all super cool! To download, just click on the picture so it opens in it's own window, then right click and save as. The pic below is of Mom & Dad in the middle of the new & improved Space Mountain, fully equipped with Red Hot Chili Peppers! As you can tell, we snuck some Luchador masks in with us... classic ehe? I have tons more pics, but these pretty much sum up the trip. Lovely ehe? Happy President's Day Weekend to everyone! In fact, to ensure that everyone has a memorable holiday, and in honor of our President's, everyone must post a new pic of themselves doing something a President would do... Let the challenge begin!

so here it goes...

Hey everyone... as you know, we're new to all this and I just want to have a place for us to post our pictures and update everyone on our new happenings. Nikki & Jordan started their own and I really wanted to do the same. Hopefully each of us can get this under our belt and then we'll be a sweet little cyber family.