I think I told the birthing story last year -

So, this year it will be the piggie story from the Great Kern County Fair -

Peter was only about 2 and he use to love Pigs - at least we collected them for him after this. . .

He wanted to go to the fair and when we would ask him why -

He would say to see the Pigs and then oink like a pig

So, we had him do it over and over again on a video camera and we loved to listen to him -

because of his age and the way he talked and he was cute and had blonde curly hair!

If someone would help me learn how to put that video on the blog, I would let you see him again.

Now, we find him perplexed about things like which fridge to buy for his new home and

Then when it comes, it is all for not, the door has a dent in it and he thinks it will bother him so he asks them to replace it - A much better solution to the 1st idea to refuse the fridge - then rent a fridge and have to wait until my bday on 8/31 to get a new one shipped out -

SO - He took the fridge !

AUGUST 1st - She's married!

Mrs. Stacie Nichols Smith to Mr. Zachary Lance Smith
Oh my goodness, it was a beautiful day and beautiful bride!
Friday Night in LA at the temple awaiting the event
We all gathered and enjoyed each other's company
Saturday was a 9:30 am wedding with family and friends present
at the Los Angeles LDS Temple in Santa Monica, CA

Perfect Weather
Perfect Place
Perfect People
Perfect Beginning
Perfect Party
Perfect Ending
to a
Perfect Day!

Thanks to everyone who helped us make her dream come true!
Thanks to everyone of you that came to wish them well!
We love seeing all of our family and friends!
Enjoy your summer~
visit Stacie's blog to see the photo's
Here is our photo of the newly weds at the humble abode in Utah!