STACIE, WACIE, Crazy little Stacie - loves her family
and of course
we LOVE HER - HAPPY DAY, April 11, 2009

Lucky is the day that we had a little girl
and we felt her special spirit.

Lucky are the sisters that
took care of her like a Princess.

Lucky are the brothers
that she took care of like a Mommy.

Lucky are her friends
that she loves & can follow her example.

Lucky are her parents
who are pleased with all her choices.

Lucky are her grandparents
who love hearing all her voices.

Lucky are her little nieces & nephews
that she loves to be around.

Lucky is the Young Man
that will love her. . . as his wife.

Lucky are the children
that will call her mother . . . all their Life.

Lucky, yes we are,
to know & LOVE our sweet,
sincere, and special Stacie!

Thanks for sharing your life with us
and showing us love
thru your acts on our behalf!