One by One, they come, they Help, they love!

Each time one of the family walked into their Home,
Gma and Gpa Favero felt their love
and the look on Dad's face was especially notable!
He recognized them and gave them each that sweet smile of comfort
and teased them like before -
So, all is well. . .
some of the time
Things are improving as we continue to learn
what works best for each situation.
Things are getting easier?
Maybe and maybe not -
It is harder as we travel this path-
to see the light at the end of this tunnel.
Is there one?
knowing that we are making progress - but also
knowing that each day brings new challenges
it can be frustrating -
One TBI patient
One Alzheim.
Hopefully one solution!
Nikki came and brought her 2 children and helped establish the routine!
Stacie came and brought her hubby to help do some of the hard stuff!
Heidi came and brought her 3 children to help bring some light and joy into the home!
Pedro came and brought grandpa OUT - Rosemary's in the rain/ he loved the wheelies in the parking lot as well as giving Peter a hard time about dating~!

Steph and Brandon, Tyler and Katy come weekly to help/share their time and meals -
dropping by with the kids helps to break up their days !
Thanks to Brandon staying so we could all go to Disneyland for Dad's bday!
Brandon sure does give a great shave!
Next, Katy will be a big improvement to MY haircutting skills
- just hope I can get one too!

prior to the earthquake and plenty of opportunities for service!
Surely there will be more as they continue to make repairs etc.
They are happy to be working and loving the people!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby Steve - 57 years young!
Still looks as good as he did on our wedding day -
Just a little grayer and maybe a little sleepier! HA!
Life marches on -

Stacie will be graduating from BYU on April 23 - So, here we go again -
hope we can catch some snow with Peter too !!
Hoping to see him in Chicago some day soon too!
Cannot wait to see you all soon - whether here or there!

Keep us posted as we march on !!!!