Nov. 30 was our 35th Anniversary and the kids honored us as always!!



Not Sure She LIKES his Graduation Cap! Gpa Russ is
reassuring Lucy it is her daddy with that funny hat on!

FINALLY we are here!
We've b een waiting all year - for this month to arrive.
Tyler Graduated from CSUB and grandparents came -
we celebrated Christian's 9th birthday - (see Steph's blog)
Knowing that two little spirits were joining our family
made this time even more special than it already is.
Heidi had her newest little one - 12/11/08 (see Heidi's blog)
Natalie Jane Doxey, 7 lbs. 4 oz, 19.5 inches
Steve, Kyle and I drove quickly to Las Vegas and
arrived in time to welcome her into our family!
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of #10
CARTER NICHOLS, Tyler's newest little one
due any minute! Watch Tyler's blog for update!

We enjoyed having Stacie and Peter home for the week
of CHRISTMAS and Kyle was glad for the company.
Our lazy christmas morning, was unusual without any
little ones to wake up early for - but we had traditions
as usual with Christmas Eve at G&G's, skinny minnies
for breakfast/brunch, a movie trip to the EHMall
and dinner with the whole family.

It was fun to hear them reminiscing about their
trip together this summer and we made the best
shopping find of the year - PJ's for the grandkids
for next year's Christmas Eve, hopefully together.
Outlet shopping at the coast was topped by a trip
to McClintock's for the famous turkey nuts and
water pouring tricks were observed, not attempted.

This Special Time of Year,
as we celebrate
the Birth of our Savior -
it is MY favorite time..

People are more intune to the needs of others,
we are more aware of those things we need to
improve on in the new year,

we hold our
family and friends dear -
. . . so know that we
keep you in
our thoughts and prayers daily.
Our desire is for you to have
in your heart
in your journey!!