ELDER KYLE celebrates his 20th!

  • APRIL 24 will be a great day - a birthday and everyone will have to have a party in his honor
  • WILL BE CALLING HOME ON MOTHER"S DAY May 9th - then I can have more to report


How blessed we are to have such great kids - Our 4th daughter graduates from BYU on April 23 and we get to go watch this great accomplishment for Stacie - Hope we can see here classroom too.
I've been there, but Steve hasn't and it is his birthplace - PAYSON UTAH. He use to tell the kids there was a statue there in his honor! (Pretty sure none of them believed him!)
But we will have to check it out just in case - Stacie and Zach are going to be able to move around a little more now that they have a bigger apartment across the driveway from where they were -
They might have room for us to spend the night with them now!
Sorry to say that Peter will not be in UTAH while we are there for the weekend -
but we can hopefully catch up with him soon - here or Chicago or Las Vegas!
IT WILL BE A GREAT DAY AND I'll try to get a camera so I can have some great photo's to put up on this BLOG - CONGRATULATIONS MISS STACIE FOR DOING IT ALL ON YOUR OWN!
WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SO PROUD OF YOU - Zach will be next!

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. . . . .

We have had a long winter's nap it feels like and I am finally not feeling so groggy and overwhelmed! Lot's of help has been visiting us at my folks - Jeff and Sheila, Margaret and Scott Favero from Sacramento, and Nate and Leti have arrived.
Just in time to see the NEW AND IMPROVED ROBERTO - without the ill-effects of KEPPRA
we have been dealing with since January - Finally convinced the Dr. that it was NOT FOR HIM and causing RAGE and UPSET that he didn't need, my mom didn't need and our family didn't need, all for what - double seizure medicine? Once I realized that he was only going to get worse as we decreased the dilantin (original seizure medicine) that was much more sedating - but at least he was healthier/happier/willing to participate with most activities - AND WHAT MUST HAVE BEEN GOING ON IN HIS MIND? I felt sorry for him being so upset and frustrated and not even remembering the next morning what he had been thru, so it was time and it is over -
THANK GOODNESS for the little voice that told me to keep track of everything and it might help us later, hope no one is wondering what or who or where that little voice came from! I have been very aware that Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ have been very aware of our needs and the situation we were dealing with and so many things have been taken care of because of their love and the sweet people that have come to our aid -
We had the evidence and information we needed to make the decisions we have and everything is making a turn for the better - We just hope we can continue to rehabilitate Dad's brain injury and improve his speech - he is stronger than ever, healthier than ever and HAPPY most of the time. SO THANKS TO MY CHILDREN AND HUSBAND THAT HAVE SUPPORTED ME IN THIS EFFORT and our extended families and friends that have kept us in their prayers daily!