The Rehab begins @ HealthSouth

It is only a few days into it -
but I could already write a book about
the feelings and experiences that I have had -
. . . some good, some not so good. . .
but it is better than the alternative.
Life is precious and we must do everything to preserve it.
From conception to completion.
We wonder what will be our future -
we know what has been our past
and it has been perfect.
So, the expectations now are unknown.
It will continue to improve as we work together with that purpose in mind.
Our children are arriving and the tradition will continue!
WE WILL BE TOGETHER and get to talk to Elder Kyle from Peru
- that will make us complete!
Thanks for all of your prayers and concern.
We Thank our Heavenly Father for his infinite wisdom and love,
and especially for sending His Son.
I am learning daily to rely on my Saviour, Jesus Christ,
for strength and understanding.
I thought I already did that.
I have been humbled through this experience.
Merry Christmas to each of you and the hope for a better New Year in 2010.

What a difference A DAY makes - My world is upside down. . .

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, that I blogged about last -
my dad took another fall in their home -
Little did we realize at the time, that he would have another trial to endure . . .
My heart is sad to see him suffering after the effects of an emergency surgery to remove a blood clot from his brain that developed while his injury had caused an area of his brain to bruise and seep blood - nothing was different with him for the 5 days following the fall, we had even been to see Dr's and all seemed OKAY - Until Thursday Dec. 3, he began to have trouble with his speech intermittently and the following day it was consistantly babbling, so the Dr. said to call 911 and take him to the hospital, were we were meet by a Neurosurgeon that quickly explained what they found and were going to do immediate surgery. Luckily for us, we felt confident in his decision and Steve and Brandon were able to give him a Priesthood blessing - so off he went to the unknown. Bro. Johnson came that evening to give him another blessing with Tyler when he was returned to his room following surgery. I knew my Dad would like that.
He has always had great faith and felt the affects during his times of need, and there have been plenty in his 83.5 years of life. He feels the more the merrier! My mom has been great, strong and gentle with her sweetheart of 59 years - they just celebrated that Nov. 3, 2009 and she celebrated her 79th birthday on Dec. 7, 2009 in his ICU room sweetly stroking his hands and face - it has always been her way of soothing him and showing her love. Our children have been able to come from away and spend time visiting and taking care of things for Grandma at home as well as for their Grandpa at his bedside like washing his hair on the right side - that is still the pretty white hair we have grown accustom to. Stephanie and Tyler come daily to visit with their little ones, Papa Bob loves to see them and needs their hugs - Nikki and Peter came to spend the nights or days with him that first week, so he wouldn't be alone - Stacie and Danette, our niece, came the 2nd week to cheer him up and make him laugh and remember all of the fun times they have shared with Grandpa - We are starting the process of getting him to Rehab and we are happy to report that he is pleasant and trying to stay happy! We will keep you posted and would love to have your visit by mail or in person - I am so happy to know that all of us will be together and "HOME FOR CHRISTMAS". I am thankful for Steve's support and care while I am dealing with new things each day - I appreciate all of my children's spouses for allowing them to come and be with us. Please continue to Keep us in your prayers and remember to be Thankful for all that we have been blessed with in our family and yours. We are very aware of all of our family & good friends - I know that my Heavenly Father knows our needs and am thankful for the comfort of the Spirit in our lives daily - Our Saviour is our redeemer and friend and will not leave us alone to deal with our trials - We feel Him in our lives daily - Enjoy this holiday season! Merry Christmas and Happy 2010!