January 2011 Has been an interesting beginning to a New Year

Who knows what will follow, but we know that it is a new year -
Back in the saddle advising young women 12 & 13 years old - that's exactly where I started my service in the church when I was a newlywed @ 18 years old -
I remember thinking -"am I old enough to teach these kids?"

I also had a visiting teaching assignment to an 80 year old sister in our ward and I remember thinking - She won't want someone my age to come to visit her - so I asked her, "Wouldn't you rather have someone closer to your own age - and she said, "I think like I did @ 18!"
So, we were GOOD -

Actually one of the girls, asked me how I got her mom to let her stay longer at the church,
she said she doesn't listen to me. . . So, - I told her,
"Well - I am an old fart and she just figures she has to listen to me,
because I am old enough to be her mother -
Then she said - "Oh are you 35?"

I decided, maybe this won't be too bad - at least they think I am younger than reality!
We will see if they still feel that way after our NEW BEGINNINGS!