Nov. 30 was our 35th Anniversary and the kids honored us as always!!



Not Sure She LIKES his Graduation Cap! Gpa Russ is
reassuring Lucy it is her daddy with that funny hat on!

FINALLY we are here!
We've b een waiting all year - for this month to arrive.
Tyler Graduated from CSUB and grandparents came -
we celebrated Christian's 9th birthday - (see Steph's blog)
Knowing that two little spirits were joining our family
made this time even more special than it already is.
Heidi had her newest little one - 12/11/08 (see Heidi's blog)
Natalie Jane Doxey, 7 lbs. 4 oz, 19.5 inches
Steve, Kyle and I drove quickly to Las Vegas and
arrived in time to welcome her into our family!
We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of #10
CARTER NICHOLS, Tyler's newest little one
due any minute! Watch Tyler's blog for update!

We enjoyed having Stacie and Peter home for the week
of CHRISTMAS and Kyle was glad for the company.
Our lazy christmas morning, was unusual without any
little ones to wake up early for - but we had traditions
as usual with Christmas Eve at G&G's, skinny minnies
for breakfast/brunch, a movie trip to the EHMall
and dinner with the whole family.

It was fun to hear them reminiscing about their
trip together this summer and we made the best
shopping find of the year - PJ's for the grandkids
for next year's Christmas Eve, hopefully together.
Outlet shopping at the coast was topped by a trip
to McClintock's for the famous turkey nuts and
water pouring tricks were observed, not attempted.

This Special Time of Year,
as we celebrate
the Birth of our Savior -
it is MY favorite time..

People are more intune to the needs of others,
we are more aware of those things we need to
improve on in the new year,

we hold our
family and friends dear -
. . . so know that we
keep you in
our thoughts and prayers daily.
Our desire is for you to have
in your heart
in your journey!!

Thankfully. . .November 2008

Favorite Uncle Kyle entertaining the troops!

Stephanie, Nikki & Stacie with Christian and Roxanne

sorting and enjoying our family photos -

THANKS for the help!

Alex with Grandpa and Grandma Favero enjoying a visit!

COUSINS - Grant, Elyse, Lucy, Warren & Christian

enjoying the movie-thon w/Papa Steve!

Grant watching Gma Nichols with HIS puppy Nutmeg!

King of the remote - Papa Steve's Movie thon -

Audrey and her Uncle Tyler comparing looks!

WE LOVE IT WHEN THEY COME and Hate it when they go!
Appropriately gloomy day outside
for the same kind of feeling I have inside -
No one is home, and it is quiet and
seems strange to have no noise or needs.
Ending the days of the craziness are welcomed
and we can only pray for HELP.
Seems like the answer to our questions
will always be answered by Prayer.

So, as we celebrate the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY
as a nation, we can give
Thanks for all that we have,
all that we can hope for and
all that we may lose.

As for myself and my family and friends,
I gratefully give THANKS to our
Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ,
for the Plan of Happiness and
knowledge that I have of
who I am,
where I came from and
where I am going.

I am grateful for this knowledge and
testify to the Truthfulness of His Gospel.
I am grateful for His Unconditional Love for each of us.
I am grateful for My Family,
including all that I am aware of near and far.
I am grateful for the Heritage that is mine
and the examples of their lives.
I am grateful for the Free Agency
that we have to make correct choices.
I am grateful for the Blessings that are mine,
in all areas of my life.
I am grateful for the lessons that I learn daily
from my opportunities and experiences in life.
I am grateful for the blessing of being a women,
wife, mother and grandmother.
I am grateful for the talents that I have been given
and the desire to share those with others.
I am grateful for the Freedom that we all share and
pray for the Troops that protect us always.
I am grateful for the Americans
that desire the best for this Nation,
and pray for those who don't.
I am grateful for the citizens of the world
that share our values
and pray for their Leaders as well!

Keep the Faith and know that
we are all in this together,
we have so many things that

We really don't need to focus
on the differences
that seem to keep us apart.

OCTOBER 2008 Happenings

Congratulations to CHRISTIAN -
Student of the Month AGAIN!!!!

Elyse enjoying her chocolate granola bar
while working with GG at the rally.

Sharing our beliefs with others
that share our values -

Yes, it is a Coyote in our driveway - believe it or not!

Our Fall Fun Frenzy!

September and October 2008
were busy months as usual and
we enjoyed many opportunities to visit and
see our kids involved in all of their
fun endeavors -
you all got to see them!

Peter is living in Salt Lake City,
working and enjoying the LIFE -
he stays in contact w/family & Friends,
Loves golfing and snowboarding.
Stacie is a busy Junior at BYU
in her Program of study,
Special Education, Severe and
volunteers with Best Buddies.

Kyle is busy in school and Institute,
and has taken up a NEW HOBBY -
Bicycling with his friends -
We are glad to know he is saving some money on the gas,
as well as getting some good physical exercise
and FUN with friends-
I only worry a little when I realize that it is DARK.
I know how hard it is for me to see bikes on the road -
He is pretty good to keep us posted
via phone while he is out on the town!


Enjoyed driving my parents
up to Utah for a family visit
while my SIL Teresa and I
enjoyed a visit to Brigham City to
RE-UNION with our Classmates -
the Box Elder High School
Class of 1973!


Steve had the opportunity to accompany his parents to a funeral
of a long time family friend, and spent the day being reminded
of all of his childhood memories and his parents as well


It isn't very often that a mother & father can be so lucky to have 7 children and that are healthy, wholesome and happy. But we are blessed & absolutely know that they are going to continue to be fine citizens. Not because of us, but because our Heavenly Father has a plan for each of them, and they are diligently working to understand their mission here on the earth and live up to the God given talents and gifts they have been given and serve the Lord in His work here.

Thanks for all of you. . .

Pedro's adventures Continue - HAPPY 24th B'day
August 13, 2008 -

I will start with Peter because today is his birthday . . .
For the record - Peter is #5 child and #2 son, just 2 years younger than his brother Tyler.
I had been suffering with Valley Fever during my pregnancy and was a little concerned

that he might suffer from the effects as well - I only gained 17 lbs by the end because I lost so much in the beginning of the pregnancy.

I actually went to Girl's Camp and went into early labor because of the High Altitude -

my Stake President, Pres. Davies and Bro. David Bunting had to give me a blessing in the middle of the night and then Susan Dunn drove my car down the mountain with Bev Davis our nurse, that had come prepared with sterilized equipment because Pres. Davies told her this might happen - HOW IN TUNE!

As we descended down the mountain, my contractions slowed up and I realized that it was

probably just a false alarm and decided that I would just have them check me out anyway.

We arrived at the Lake Isabella Hospital, smelling like a campfire only to find that they don't deliver babies - I felt like the "Gone with the Wind" movie, where the little gal finally admits,

"I don't know nothing about birthin' babies!" as she strolls off down the street-

I knew that I would have to have my water broken before he came anyway - so I really wasn't worried, but we got back in the car and headed down the hill to Memorial, only to be told that

I was dilated but there was a nursing strike and I would have to go home and wait -

a week later when I was at an 8 and could barely walk, they finally said I could come in.

He was born the Monday after the Olympics ended and it was a lot of fun to watch and think about what our new little spirit might be - REMEMBER, we didn't use to know ahead if it was a boy or girl, so I spent a lot of time Imagining who they would be - so when he arrived, he was completely healthy at 8lbs. 13 oz and definitely Mr. Muscle and I knew he would be an athlete, just didn't know how good he would be! His personality was fun loving and happy from the very beginning. We discovered early that he was a real charmer and very determined in everything that he did.

Tyler was a perfect brother to him and all of the three older sisters, Stephanie, Heidi and Nikki mothered him and he let them as long as he got what he wanted, but he ignored them if he wanted something more and got it for himself. From the minute he was born, he has not sat still. I haven't been the same since, I couldn't exercise like I did with Tyler, who would sit on his blanket and watch me exercise - Peter would crawl away as soon as I turned my attention to the aerobics stuff - so that ended that, and thus I am fat!

Heidi being 6 years old was really wanting to be a mommy and because she became sick with valley fever also was home with him during school time. Peter learned to say Heidi even before he called for Mommy - and she loved giving him all of her attention -the girls use to dress the boys up and put barrettes in their hair etc. I'll try to find the one that Peter has his cowboy boots on and pony tails in his hair - I could probably black mail him with it!

We have the cutest video of Peter as a little one visiting the KC Fair and he loved the pigs and wouldn't stop talking about it and oinking for us! I will have to learn how to download that!

Just let me say that Peter was an accident waiting to happen because he had such a drive to try to do everything that interested him. On the soccer field he had the killer instinct. I often told people that Tyler and Peter had the same skills probably on the soccer field, but Peter would stop at nothing, even personal injury to get the goal - We went thru a period of him having such anxious moments that he didn't do everything he could to get a goal, that he would start to hyperventilate and I would have to talk him out of it -

Thank goodness it worked and my final words would be, just get the goal and we won't have to worry about it any more - and within minutes, he would get the job done and be happy and free!

Appreciate all that Peter stands for in his personal life, family life and community life.

We know we can count on him to do what's right and be there for all of us like his latest adventure with his younger sister Stacie and younger brother Kyle as they shared their graduation trip together as THE TRES AMIGO's WORLD TOUR! Thanks for making that possible for all of you and making us feel more at ease with the prospect of this adventure.

We are so proud of your many accomplishments -Serving the Lord on a 2 year mission to Texas,

serving in the temple while you are working and going to school and doing all the extra stuff!

Graduating from UC San Diego and working on the immigration project, your orphanage work in Mexico with the Kaiizan foundation and the great job you did at the eye clinic at the university.

We know he will enjoy this new adventure with Stockcamp/Huron as a business consultant and we look forward to hearing all of your many travels and about all of the people that you meet.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Mr. Peter, you have a lot to be happy about and a lot to look forward to!

We love you and appreciate your example to all of us,


Steve's Alaska Adventure

It was fun to see the great photo's of all of the fish as well as all of the scenery. And all in the company of great friends! David Bunting, Bobby and Teddy Scott.

Summer vacations

2008 has been a good year for the most part - (what I can remember.. .)

March 27th, we welcomed our 8th grandchild, Nikki's little Audrey Eve Brown,and learned that we would be adding 2 more little ones this year. Tyler is expecting a little boy Dec. 16 and Heidi is expecting a little girl on Dec. 17!!

So our total will hit 10 before Christmas - 5 living in Las Vegas and 5 living in Bakersfield -
that sure makes our visits special and very busy just trying to keep up.
It's so much fun to see everyone enjoying each other so much!

Stacie turned 20 in April and returned home for the summer from BYU and has been accepted into her program for Special Education - and she has a love for this and is very patient with them and sure of her decision & happy!
She was able to attend a conference during the summer that really helped her get excited about volunteering with the Best Buddies group that she has been involved with and will be the co-chair on their campus this year.'
She is working and teaching swimming lessons and doing a little babysitting -
The best part is she like to visit G&G and help out with the kids when her friends are busy doing their thing - She still doesn't like coming to my office, and by now, I don't think she will grow out of it - but I really appreciate her help.

WELL, it finally happend, we graduated as a family from Highland High school -
Kyle Favero Nichols, turned 18 on April 24 and he has completed his VIDEO Gathering for non-profits as his Eagle Project with the help of his friends, family in all states and even Craig's List. It was fun to see how much it helped.
Kyle was the caboose and he made us proud! He will be starting at BC in August and has a full schedule besides working and hopefully playing a little soccer or something fun - We will miss watching him and have always looked forward to his games! He loves being with all of the GRANDKIDS and they especially love his visits and playing!!

Peter officially graduated from UCSD and loved every minute of his education!
He started his "real job" July 21 - living in Salt Lake City and traveling to projects. We actually had his stuff for the month of June-him for 1 week in July.
We are proud of all of his accomplishments with his extra studies and help with the Kaiizan Foundation and the orphanage in Mexico and the fires in their area and
his commitment to staying close to all of his friends and especially his family! He will miss living near the beach and the San Diego Temple - what a beautiful experience he has had to work their on Saturdays - we missed visiting him there!

Stacie, Kyle and Peter took a TRES AMIGO's WORLD TOUR - Starting in Equador on June 1st visiting a companion from Peter's mission that lived there and then wondering thru South America visiting Peru and Uncle Jerry's Simon Sez Foundation, into Chile meeting and spending wonderful time with Heidi and Tyler's friends from their Missions enjoying each other and all of the culture and language experiences. Check out their blogs for photo's etc. We do appreciate their willingness to keep us involved in their travel thru Skype over the internet and we all enjoyed their adventures vicariously that lasted until July 3rd-they will have memories forever!

Steve got to go back to Alaska for a fishing trip to Sitka with a few friends from Bakersfield - ( maybe next time he can take the boys!)
Not a lot of people know that he spent 8 years as a skipper on a tender boat in the fishing industry -(i really wanted the boys to get a feel for what Steve did to get his education and provide for his family- and I could share a few adventures myself.
But he had a good time being back in the state and has a lot of pictures to enjoy!

4th of July all of our kids and their families meet at Lake Mead in
Las Vegas and spent the long weekend boating and then visiting a lot of the Nichols Clan in St. George to Honor Gpa Nichols in his 80th year. We had a lot of fun chatting, eating and I even convinced them to take some photo's of our families so we could remember what we looked like in 10 years from now - There will be a ton of us!
-but sorry to say we missed a rendevous with Jeff and Sheila and their 8 kids and their families - as they were returning home to Utah from a trip to Lake Powell -Emily has settled in St. George now and Jeffrey just moved to Portland to start school - So Peter can hang out with him this weekend, Aug 9/10th!

Dayna got to take Kyle and Peter to Florida to spend time with her Mother's family at their Shanklin Reunion - Hosted by Aunt Bernie and Uncle Chuck at their new property in Alabama - It was just fun to be together, have our kids get acquainted and hear all of the old fart stories and childhood memories of Mom and Chuck -
it was a really great time and I only wish we had been able to take everyone!

ELYSE, 4 had another wonderful Dance Recital and she was the star of our show! Stacie, Grandpa and Uncle Kyle joined Uncle Tyler, Aunt Katy and cousin Lucy joined her entire family to cheer her on - She didn't need any coaxing to do her best - Grandma can't get enough of it! Just go to her mommies blog to see her pictures!

All of the married kids have also had fun trips this year -
Tyler and Katy to Florida with her family -
Heidi and Rich to Denver with his family -
Nikki and Jordan to Texas with his sister last year and she came here this year!
Stephanie and Brandon are at Lake Tahoe and with his family this week 8/4/08 -

We enjoyed a visit from Nate and Leti in late July and look forward
to seeing Alex and Danette in the near future - we tried to see them in Florida and it just was too much distance and too little time - We were together in spirit!

So, until I can figure out how to upload the photo's I took with my new camera -
I got them on to the computer - but I cannot get them on to the blog - I am tired!
I shall rest!
Sorry it has taken me so long to tell my family how much I love them and appreciate all that they do to include us in their busy lives and happy moments - We love it!

So, we are going to try to enjoy the last 3 weeks or so of summer - take a few short day trips to the beach, Lake Ming and actually WATER SKI -
Enjoy your last days of summer!

i apologize

please forgive me... i never should have started this blog for my parents without first teaching my Dad how to do it. I know he's just dying to post all of his pictures of his grandchildren and blog his opinions of pop culture! I should have thought about your feelings as faithful readers of their blog. Please know that it was not my intention to build up your hopes, or disappoint you... only a loving attempt to keep Ma & Pa Nichols connected, and up to date.
Only Jordan could get my Dad to sit down for an hour of video games by telling him he needed his help to beat the game... he couldn't do it alone. Haha, good one Jordan!
You probably already know, but Steve celebrated his XXth birthday this weekend in style ... a weekend trip to Las Vegas! Let's hope he stayed near Mom and didn't make it to any Thunder from Down Under shows! For a brief snapshot into Steve's XXth year, visit Peter's blog.
Furthermore, in an effort to pressure Ma & Pa Nichols (Head prefects of the NIHKL), please send them a heated email as soon as possible, to squeeze a post or two out of them this year (Hey, we'll even accept another one from Kyle, right? I hear Steve's got another new miniature creature crawling about)!!