November 3, 1950



June 12, 1926 & December 7, 1930


Mom and Dad

Just want you to know

how much I appreciate each of you

for all that you have been thru and

all that you are going thru now!
Your example of the phrase –

Endure to the End

Is Real!

Unknowingly, you are in the middle of

what you never imagined

Would be the way your days would go,

But I cannot remember hearing a complaint!

Do you wish things were different?

Probably –

But as I realize daily,

you recognize that you are blessed!

I am thankful for the lessons you have taught me

By word and by deed!

I am thankful for your special talents and love for people

that you have shared with me!

But most of all -

Thank you for testifying to me of your love for the Savior!

I have watched you serve and share your testimonies

and patterned my life after yours.

Now, I am blessed to see my children teaching their children!

Thank you for being YOU!

Thank you for loving me!

We will be together forever!

TURKEY DAY 2010 . . .

Hopefully everyone had a good time being together -it was a lot of fun and definately crazy - I think I can say I am almost finished cleaning up -

Washing towels, bedding, putting away things I forgot I had and

definately mopping floors -

We enjoyed celebrating CHRISTMAS and the kids all got their

MATCHING JAMMIES - Monkeys again
with little monkeys on their feet of their pajamas
all for a photo for UNCLE Kyle - he picked their jammies out last year and AUNT STACIE found them for me this year!

They are really cute and I will work to find the photo's that have them posing for the yearly PHOTO opportunity -
I am sure my grandkids are the cutest -
because their mom's and dad's were

We exchanged gifts on THURSDAY morning all together
since we might not all be at the house in December, 2010
but most of us will be there to talk to KYLE from Peru
and enjoy some quiet time hanging out doing nothing!

Jeff and Sheila and some of their family came to help us celebrate the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY like the good ole days -
It was a time to honor Mom and Dad for
60 years of marriage on Nov, 3, 2010 and
now it is the best - Mom's 80th Birthday, Dec, 7, 2010 -
She is going really well for her age & her situation!
I admire her positive face most of the time!

our Savior's Life and Example
in all we do and say and
especially how we TREAT EACH OTHER!

GRATEFULLY we accept our moments!

Blessings to you and your family - and Cheers. . .

To our family & friends and

Peace & LOVE always -

dayna & steve

the originals

Third Quarter 2010 July August September

This has been a great summer for seeing family and spending time enjoying our little grandbabies - Seems like no matter what, they enjoy our visits and we enjoy watching them grow and learn. Everything we could do or see we did -

KYLE in Peru serving the Lord & loving it! Ever so proud of him...

STEPH, Brandon, christian, elyse & grant

HEIDI, Rich, spencer, sam & natalie

NIKKI, Jordan, warren, audrey & camille

TYLER, Katy, lucy & carter

STACIE and Zach living in Bakersfield was PERFECT

and helping Grandma and Grandpa was even better!

It made the summer fun for G&G and

we got a lot of time with them as well while

Boating, birthdays and BBQ's

Swimming and enjoying the weather with everyone everyday!

Chicago really was a windy city and very fun
to see all of the places that we could w/Peter
before he closed that door
in this chapter of his life for his consulting firm. . .
he asked us all to donate to his favorite charity for his 26th Birthday - thanks for inspiring us to do more service. . .

He made a trip to BUILD

another Habitat for Humanity this fall
and ended on a high note

of helping with an orphanage in AFRICA
similar to his favorite kids in Mexico
that was part of his San Diego experience!


July 2010 Preserving the Pioneer Spirit

Honoring the generations before us is always in our heart and heavy on my mind as I am trying to be sure that I make every effort to reunite my parents with their families. It was a really busy month for everyone and somehow we managed to arrange a brief encounter with everyone but Peter and Elder Kyle - The weekend of July 24th we all meet in LA and attended the temple then made our way to the beach Saturday afternoon - Nikki did the baptism for mom's sister, Aunt Billy and Mom was able to do her work that day with us and the next saturday with her ward RS. It is my desire that she is able to finish as much of her family geneology and I appreciate the efforts of Nikki to follow-up on it for me. We ended the weekend by a nice visit with Uncle Paul and Aunt Jeri Favero, who joined us on Sunday for dinner on their way home from their grandsons wedding, which Peter attended for us in Utah.
Stacie and Zach have been able to visit with family and a few friends - Hopefully this has been a
good experience, I know how much they are appreciated by my parents, even if it seems hard....
I have appreciated having them their and helping me go thru the process and asking some hard questions that will lead to some of the harder decisions ahead!

The Sweetness of Summer.... June 2010 adventures

Steve and I made a road trip the 4th of June with Gma and Gpa Favero - hoping to make it easier on them, we drove all night to Utah to visit family. Nate and Jeff and families were taking charge of the Favero Family Reunion June 19th and they could use their help - it was also a GOOD EXCUSE to take Dad to celebrate his 84th birthday with his brothers and sister on June 12. Thanks to Nate to help make that happen by inviting them all to his home for dinner and cake! Jeff & Sheila had a really fun get together at their home to allow Sheila's parents Bryce and Uleah Flamm to visit with our parents, who are friends from their early days of married life!

We were also able to spend an afternoon with Gma and Gpa Nichols in Logan, Utah and get better acquainted with some of his family at a luncheon prepared by Bruce & Teresa! We finally got to see where they hang out while spending time in Northern Utah, Providence.
Peter joined us for the adventures while we were there and gave us some updates on his home!
Stacie and Zach attended the family events the next two weekends and then began their journey back to California for the summer with Gma and Gpa Favero in their car - stopping to visit Nikki & Heidi's families in Las Vegas - they loved holding the newest addition to our family Camille!

ELDER KYLE celebrates his 20th!

  • APRIL 24 will be a great day - a birthday and everyone will have to have a party in his honor
  • WILL BE CALLING HOME ON MOTHER"S DAY May 9th - then I can have more to report


How blessed we are to have such great kids - Our 4th daughter graduates from BYU on April 23 and we get to go watch this great accomplishment for Stacie - Hope we can see here classroom too.
I've been there, but Steve hasn't and it is his birthplace - PAYSON UTAH. He use to tell the kids there was a statue there in his honor! (Pretty sure none of them believed him!)
But we will have to check it out just in case - Stacie and Zach are going to be able to move around a little more now that they have a bigger apartment across the driveway from where they were -
They might have room for us to spend the night with them now!
Sorry to say that Peter will not be in UTAH while we are there for the weekend -
but we can hopefully catch up with him soon - here or Chicago or Las Vegas!
IT WILL BE A GREAT DAY AND I'll try to get a camera so I can have some great photo's to put up on this BLOG - CONGRATULATIONS MISS STACIE FOR DOING IT ALL ON YOUR OWN!
WE LOVE YOU AND ARE SO PROUD OF YOU - Zach will be next!

There is a light at the end of this tunnel. . . . .

We have had a long winter's nap it feels like and I am finally not feeling so groggy and overwhelmed! Lot's of help has been visiting us at my folks - Jeff and Sheila, Margaret and Scott Favero from Sacramento, and Nate and Leti have arrived.
Just in time to see the NEW AND IMPROVED ROBERTO - without the ill-effects of KEPPRA
we have been dealing with since January - Finally convinced the Dr. that it was NOT FOR HIM and causing RAGE and UPSET that he didn't need, my mom didn't need and our family didn't need, all for what - double seizure medicine? Once I realized that he was only going to get worse as we decreased the dilantin (original seizure medicine) that was much more sedating - but at least he was healthier/happier/willing to participate with most activities - AND WHAT MUST HAVE BEEN GOING ON IN HIS MIND? I felt sorry for him being so upset and frustrated and not even remembering the next morning what he had been thru, so it was time and it is over -
THANK GOODNESS for the little voice that told me to keep track of everything and it might help us later, hope no one is wondering what or who or where that little voice came from! I have been very aware that Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ have been very aware of our needs and the situation we were dealing with and so many things have been taken care of because of their love and the sweet people that have come to our aid -
We had the evidence and information we needed to make the decisions we have and everything is making a turn for the better - We just hope we can continue to rehabilitate Dad's brain injury and improve his speech - he is stronger than ever, healthier than ever and HAPPY most of the time. SO THANKS TO MY CHILDREN AND HUSBAND THAT HAVE SUPPORTED ME IN THIS EFFORT and our extended families and friends that have kept us in their prayers daily!

One by One, they come, they Help, they love!

Each time one of the family walked into their Home,
Gma and Gpa Favero felt their love
and the look on Dad's face was especially notable!
He recognized them and gave them each that sweet smile of comfort
and teased them like before -
So, all is well. . .
some of the time
Things are improving as we continue to learn
what works best for each situation.
Things are getting easier?
Maybe and maybe not -
It is harder as we travel this path-
to see the light at the end of this tunnel.
Is there one?
knowing that we are making progress - but also
knowing that each day brings new challenges
it can be frustrating -
One TBI patient
One Alzheim.
Hopefully one solution!
Nikki came and brought her 2 children and helped establish the routine!
Stacie came and brought her hubby to help do some of the hard stuff!
Heidi came and brought her 3 children to help bring some light and joy into the home!
Pedro came and brought grandpa OUT - Rosemary's in the rain/ he loved the wheelies in the parking lot as well as giving Peter a hard time about dating~!

Steph and Brandon, Tyler and Katy come weekly to help/share their time and meals -
dropping by with the kids helps to break up their days !
Thanks to Brandon staying so we could all go to Disneyland for Dad's bday!
Brandon sure does give a great shave!
Next, Katy will be a big improvement to MY haircutting skills
- just hope I can get one too!

prior to the earthquake and plenty of opportunities for service!
Surely there will be more as they continue to make repairs etc.
They are happy to be working and loving the people!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my hubby Steve - 57 years young!
Still looks as good as he did on our wedding day -
Just a little grayer and maybe a little sleepier! HA!
Life marches on -

Stacie will be graduating from BYU on April 23 - So, here we go again -
hope we can catch some snow with Peter too !!
Hoping to see him in Chicago some day soon too!
Cannot wait to see you all soon - whether here or there!

Keep us posted as we march on !!!!

Help has arrived! Thank you everyone. . .

The sight of my dad's face as he saw Jeff and Rachel and Fia walking into his house, was worth a million dollars -He knew they were there to help him and even made him look like he was at Peace. It's just great to have another pair of eyes that can observe and see what we may be missing -
they have had more experience since they have dealt with Sheila's parents and others in this process as well. Mom is happy to have new visitors in her home and of course who wouldn't love the happy little feet and hands on your glass that a brand new 1 year old brings! Fia is happy to explore and entertain herself while everyone is busy scurrying around her - She is obviously oblivious to the seriousness of the situation, she just knows that everyone loves her! Smiles are contagious and everyone is catching them from her! THANKS for everyone's sincere desire to see the improvement in this situation. I know Heavenly Father is very aware of all that we are going thru and He is providing the way for us to carry on -

Appreciate the sacrifices all are making to support our parents and grandparents daily as they have supported us for a lifetime! Everything else seems to be in place and moving in the right direction - so I guess we couldn't ask for anything more. . .WE ARE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT WE HAVE - everyday!

Another fall, a bit of a scare, testing, testing, testing. . .

Tuesday, Jan 19, Dad got out of bed and fell - causing a cut to his head, now his eyes are black and blue, Back to the ER only to have them tell us his levels of seizure medicine are low and he could be having mini seizures -
So back to the drawing board as we continue to change and monitor his meds and vitals -
Dealing with two patients in a way as I struggle to understand the situation with Mom, she is having some real stress and we both feel like we are struggling to keep things in balance for all.

But as before, my kids have come to my aid, organizing all of the family to help encourage Gpa by coming to visit and give care - Jeff and Rachel will be here on Wed 1/27 and Nikki an d kids will follow in early February. Then Stacie and Zach will come mid February for a 4 day weekend - No one could ask for more than to have love and encouragement around to help Grandma and Grandpa. The ward people are great and many friends and family are offering to help in any way they can.
Our hope is to have some time to enjoy them during the visits as well as get a break and keep everyone fresh. . .

KEEP Elder Kyle in your prayers as he is loving his time in Peru, and preparing people to be eternal families - he feels a little lost while not being able to assist with Grandpa - we are all helped by extra prayer for each other! He would really like to hear from you and know what is going on with your families! His emails are a little short - not sure if he is sad that he is not hearing a lot from us - or if he is just so busy he has no time to write. But we know he is working ever so hard to do the Lord's work and keep things running smoothly in that part of the vineyard!

Love you - January is almost history. . .maybe I am getting confused - it is all a blurr - & burr.

Thankfully. . .January 2010 will be a new experience. . .

January 19, 2010
Papa Bob has returned to his home - 4 days ago
he was happy and felt concerned at the same time -
his realization that he was leaving
was cause for concern -
He knew what he knew in his daily routine at Rehab -
meals/therapy/rest/helpers that were there to take care of his daily living.
Now, he feels concerned for the unknown
and what is going is happening to him.
Understanding is there, but his short term memory is not,
so it is like telling him something and feeling that you got thru -
then 5 minutes later,
he is doing exactly what he agreed that he shouldn't do -
GETTING UP alone, trying to walk
So, my mom and I have realized
that his perceived understanding is only momentary
HE CANNOT BE LEFT ALONE for a moment....
Thank you to those who came to the hospital to visit,
help with his therapy routines and
just to check on Dad and Mom and myself -
it means alot to know that people are keeping us in their prayers!
The many emails and calls
sharing the experiences that they have lived thru
do help us to understand that
we are not alone in this journey,
many have walked this way before and
many more will follow-in our footsteps.
Now, more than ever,
I tell people that nothing that I do,
do I do, ALONE -
The Lord is with me constantly and
gives me the strength and understanding I lack.
The church friends and family provide
physical and emotional support
as they helped get their home ready for Dad's return
We had floors put in that would let him get around easier
and mom is paying the price daily with sore feet and legs.
My children are there for me by coming to my aid always
& assisting their grandparents they love.
My husband supports me and loves me
for my concerns for my parents.
Heavenly Father has a plan and we understand that.
So, the circle of life
marches on . . . . .

January 14th 2010 - Our last day of freedom!

well....I don't quite know what to say, but the experience has been enlightening
my understanding of things that I didn't need to know about before
has become my reality
I am learning to have patience with the process
I am learning to have Faith in the process
I am learning to have patience with the processors
I am learning to have Faith in the processors
I am learning to listen to those that have dealt with the process
I am learning to deal with the process
I am learning to exercise more patience and Faith as I listen & deal
I am a better person for this experience and I thank the Lord for His patience with me each day
as well as our Heavenly Father, who knows each of us individually
and knows are abilities and limits.