Hey family! I thought I would try to post some pictures from my weekend in Vegas. The kids are as cute as ever. Here is Sam the golfer or newsie. Maybe a president?
Love, Stacie.

Editors remarks: unfortunately Stacie messed up the picture and it's not longer here. I'm home for a few days and am teaching the Nichols crew how to maneuver this thing. so you should all be able to actually see some new things up here every once in a while. [pfn]
I fixed it.-Stacie.

the big leagues

This is Peter... just posting some pics of Mom & Dad on our recent Disneyland trip... it was so much fun! Hope everyone's doing fine... somebody tell Heidi & Tyler to get their Bloggs going! All the pictures are pretty self-explanatory, but I think they're all super cool! To download, just click on the picture so it opens in it's own window, then right click and save as. The pic below is of Mom & Dad in the middle of the new & improved Space Mountain, fully equipped with Red Hot Chili Peppers! As you can tell, we snuck some Luchador masks in with us... classic ehe? I have tons more pics, but these pretty much sum up the trip. Lovely ehe? Happy President's Day Weekend to everyone! In fact, to ensure that everyone has a memorable holiday, and in honor of our President's, everyone must post a new pic of themselves doing something a President would do... Let the challenge begin!

so here it goes...

Hey everyone... as you know, we're new to all this and I just want to have a place for us to post our pictures and update everyone on our new happenings. Nikki & Jordan started their own and I really wanted to do the same. Hopefully each of us can get this under our belt and then we'll be a sweet little cyber family.