CONGRATULATIONS STACIE & ZACH - a little girl . . .

We cannot wait until July to see our cute little baby girl SMITH
enter the world and join our family!
Stacie is so excited to begin the NEW adventure of being a mommy and we know that Zach is a natural at being a daddy, so it will just be a lot of fun to see them in this NEW ROLE as parents.

Thank you Kyle for reminding us about our PRIORITIES

So as I was reading the Ensign this morning, I came across a short article I felt I should share because in recent days I have been considering ways I can improve my time management. Although it didn't bring any particular names to mind of those in our family, I realized that even though I don't have any cool gadgets (especially with my iPod touch being non-functioning), I have noticed I sometimes waste time on my laptop just between YouTube, CNN, and the rare Facebook (don't worry, I truly don't consider myself having a problem.) But thanks to the article, it hit home how important our time is in any situation. In the past I have heard the idea of tithing our time to the Lord, and as tough as two and a half hours a day can be to set aside, it is a definite sacrifice that can bring incredible blessings.

Ideas of things to do during the day:
  • Daily scripture study
  • Read a church magazine
  • Watch a few Mormon Messages
  • A little family history fun on Family Search
  • Write a letter to a missionary
  • Prepare a Sunday lesson
  • Family Home Evening
  • Home/Visiting Teaching
  • Anything we need to do to fulfill our calling
  • Watch church videos (I still haven't seen but 20 mins of 37 Miracles, and the 20 mins was great)
  • Post links or videos on your social-media sites when appropriate
  • Visit the Bishop's Storehouse to do service (a little easier for me I think)
  • Call members/converts/investigators from your mission (obviously a preference of mine, Skype is great for just phone calls too!)

May we consider the ways to take advantage of the many trendy things that our now a part of our lives, and use them for the purposes the Lord has intended they be used. I love you all and look up to you all. Thanks for the fun pictures and stories you occasionally send my way so I can enjoy your love from a distance. Hopefully this finds you well and is a reminder that I am still thinking of you all.


ps. My idea by sending this was more to remind MYSELF, so hopefully you don't think I'm trying to give another annoying reminder of the things I know you all do. As far as the list goes, I would love any response with more ideas for myself.