Thankfully. . .November 2008

Favorite Uncle Kyle entertaining the troops!

Stephanie, Nikki & Stacie with Christian and Roxanne

sorting and enjoying our family photos -

THANKS for the help!

Alex with Grandpa and Grandma Favero enjoying a visit!

COUSINS - Grant, Elyse, Lucy, Warren & Christian

enjoying the movie-thon w/Papa Steve!

Grant watching Gma Nichols with HIS puppy Nutmeg!

King of the remote - Papa Steve's Movie thon -

Audrey and her Uncle Tyler comparing looks!

WE LOVE IT WHEN THEY COME and Hate it when they go!
Appropriately gloomy day outside
for the same kind of feeling I have inside -
No one is home, and it is quiet and
seems strange to have no noise or needs.
Ending the days of the craziness are welcomed
and we can only pray for HELP.
Seems like the answer to our questions
will always be answered by Prayer.

So, as we celebrate the THANKSGIVING HOLIDAY
as a nation, we can give
Thanks for all that we have,
all that we can hope for and
all that we may lose.

As for myself and my family and friends,
I gratefully give THANKS to our
Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ,
for the Plan of Happiness and
knowledge that I have of
who I am,
where I came from and
where I am going.

I am grateful for this knowledge and
testify to the Truthfulness of His Gospel.
I am grateful for His Unconditional Love for each of us.
I am grateful for My Family,
including all that I am aware of near and far.
I am grateful for the Heritage that is mine
and the examples of their lives.
I am grateful for the Free Agency
that we have to make correct choices.
I am grateful for the Blessings that are mine,
in all areas of my life.
I am grateful for the lessons that I learn daily
from my opportunities and experiences in life.
I am grateful for the blessing of being a women,
wife, mother and grandmother.
I am grateful for the talents that I have been given
and the desire to share those with others.
I am grateful for the Freedom that we all share and
pray for the Troops that protect us always.
I am grateful for the Americans
that desire the best for this Nation,
and pray for those who don't.
I am grateful for the citizens of the world
that share our values
and pray for their Leaders as well!

Keep the Faith and know that
we are all in this together,
we have so many things that

We really don't need to focus
on the differences
that seem to keep us apart.

OCTOBER 2008 Happenings

Congratulations to CHRISTIAN -
Student of the Month AGAIN!!!!

Elyse enjoying her chocolate granola bar
while working with GG at the rally.

Sharing our beliefs with others
that share our values -

Yes, it is a Coyote in our driveway - believe it or not!

Our Fall Fun Frenzy!

September and October 2008
were busy months as usual and
we enjoyed many opportunities to visit and
see our kids involved in all of their
fun endeavors -
you all got to see them!

Peter is living in Salt Lake City,
working and enjoying the LIFE -
he stays in contact w/family & Friends,
Loves golfing and snowboarding.
Stacie is a busy Junior at BYU
in her Program of study,
Special Education, Severe and
volunteers with Best Buddies.

Kyle is busy in school and Institute,
and has taken up a NEW HOBBY -
Bicycling with his friends -
We are glad to know he is saving some money on the gas,
as well as getting some good physical exercise
and FUN with friends-
I only worry a little when I realize that it is DARK.
I know how hard it is for me to see bikes on the road -
He is pretty good to keep us posted
via phone while he is out on the town!


Enjoyed driving my parents
up to Utah for a family visit
while my SIL Teresa and I
enjoyed a visit to Brigham City to
RE-UNION with our Classmates -
the Box Elder High School
Class of 1973!


Steve had the opportunity to accompany his parents to a funeral
of a long time family friend, and spent the day being reminded
of all of his childhood memories and his parents as well