EASTER.SPRINGTIME.reawakening of life -

It never seems to change and yet I am amazed by the natural beauty of this time of year -
Cleansed by the rain and reawakening of life via sunshine and it's warmth
New life is all around us . . .
We are so lucky to see the beauty of God's creations for us each day
as we awake & arise daily -
fresh air, fresh new growth on plants, budding flowers and
even the insects seem to be renewed.
Witnessing the birth of animals in the fields as you travel,
seems to alert us all to Spring's freshness!

So can the message of Christ's Atonement for us
be a reawakening of our knowledge of His Truth's
Believe that He has given us each that opportunity daily to start anew
and be able to enjoy Life
Understand that as we grow and progress in this life
we are becoming better prepared for the next life
thru the lessons that we learn each day
as we overcome our challenges thru faith in Him..
Continue to walk on the path to Eternal Life
by living the gospel of Jesus Christ
and accept his invitation to Come Unto Me
and Follow His Example in all things
and your life will be full.
Life's daily challenges can be overwhelming
But we are not alone - we do not have to face them alone
Remember His promise to us that as we walk in His ways
Our burdens will be lightened and
He will help us find answers to our questions -
solutions to our problems will come to us daily
as we strive to live His teachings and serve others along the way.
I am grateful for this knowledge and testify that
He Lives and Is the Savior of the World.