July 2010 Preserving the Pioneer Spirit

Honoring the generations before us is always in our heart and heavy on my mind as I am trying to be sure that I make every effort to reunite my parents with their families. It was a really busy month for everyone and somehow we managed to arrange a brief encounter with everyone but Peter and Elder Kyle - The weekend of July 24th we all meet in LA and attended the temple then made our way to the beach Saturday afternoon - Nikki did the baptism for mom's sister, Aunt Billy and Mom was able to do her work that day with us and the next saturday with her ward RS. It is my desire that she is able to finish as much of her family geneology and I appreciate the efforts of Nikki to follow-up on it for me. We ended the weekend by a nice visit with Uncle Paul and Aunt Jeri Favero, who joined us on Sunday for dinner on their way home from their grandsons wedding, which Peter attended for us in Utah.
Stacie and Zach have been able to visit with family and a few friends - Hopefully this has been a
good experience, I know how much they are appreciated by my parents, even if it seems hard....
I have appreciated having them their and helping me go thru the process and asking some hard questions that will lead to some of the harder decisions ahead!

The Sweetness of Summer.... June 2010 adventures

Steve and I made a road trip the 4th of June with Gma and Gpa Favero - hoping to make it easier on them, we drove all night to Utah to visit family. Nate and Jeff and families were taking charge of the Favero Family Reunion June 19th and they could use their help - it was also a GOOD EXCUSE to take Dad to celebrate his 84th birthday with his brothers and sister on June 12. Thanks to Nate to help make that happen by inviting them all to his home for dinner and cake! Jeff & Sheila had a really fun get together at their home to allow Sheila's parents Bryce and Uleah Flamm to visit with our parents, who are friends from their early days of married life!

We were also able to spend an afternoon with Gma and Gpa Nichols in Logan, Utah and get better acquainted with some of his family at a luncheon prepared by Bruce & Teresa! We finally got to see where they hang out while spending time in Northern Utah, Providence.
Peter joined us for the adventures while we were there and gave us some updates on his home!
Stacie and Zach attended the family events the next two weekends and then began their journey back to California for the summer with Gma and Gpa Favero in their car - stopping to visit Nikki & Heidi's families in Las Vegas - they loved holding the newest addition to our family Camille!