GRATEFUL FOR OUR FAMILY....looking forward to their arrival!

Elder Jordan Urmston Paraguay October 2008
Elder Kyle Nichols Peru July 2009
Elder Alex Favero Phillipines October 2009
Elder Brock Nichols Australia November 2009
Elder Joseph Favero Norway December 2009
We are blessed for their Service and Example
of Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Alot can be said about a holiday weekend
without your family around!
I wasn't looking forward to it,
but it actually turned out to be
a very special day for us as well!
We got to enjoy Disneyland,
it's our Anniversary also on Nov. 30th
I convinced Eric to join us all at Christmas -
Steve went 4 wheeling and camped in the snow
with David Bunting and Oscar and Juan Delgado and their boys -
I actually got to check alot of things off my list
Nativities are down for the big event
Decorating is started
Shopping is in progress, thanks to Rachel and Jon and Fia
joining me while they came to visit my folks -
We ate Indian food at Taj Ma Hall, Kyle and Stacie's favorite
Jon loves food from India since his mission to Australia.
Condor game topped the evening once Steve returned!
My favorite part of the holiday was the fact that
my kids got to spend time with their "in-laws" and
I know how much their families love them as well!
In fact, because Peter has a home in SLC, Stacie
Tyler, Heidi and Nikki all got together for a visit there!
So, I better not speak too soon. . .
because there is still a lot left to do -
But, it's not even Christmas Eve, & I have
started the wrapping - Stacie will be thankful!
The highlight of the day will be
talking to Elder Kyle Nichols
and making a wonderful video
of all of his nieces and nephews -
Be looking forward to the infamous PHOTO
on Christmas morning of the family waiting
to come downstairs - He actually picked out
the cute matching PJ's for all of the grandkids!

MORE TO COME - Check out Kyle's updated blog. . .

Fall is finally in the air and I feel cold -
so I need to get out the winter clothes and put away the summer stuff....
But more importantly is the update to this blog .....tonight!
Then the preparation for the families arrival for the Christmas Holiday -

Fall is in the Air - as well as a new leaf for us!

September took me to Utah to attend Alex Favero's mission stuff -
temple/talk and spending time in Peter's new home and Stacie's new career -
Being able to spend time with them helps me adjust
to them all being away from home!
We enjoy all of their activities and
watching each new step in their lives that shows
their independence and responsible decisions!
We know we are blessed with great kids and now their families!
So, it is at this time of year we GIVE THANKS for each of them and
want to let them know we love them TOO MUCH!
Tyler and Katy moved into their new home in August.
Peter moved into his new home in September and then
we lost the 3 little kids when Steph and Brandon
moved into their new home in early October.
IT SURE IS QUIET! Thanks for the memories and
all of the wonderful times Kids -
we love you all and are so proud of each of you
and as new families and as a WHOLE BIG FAMILY!
Love always, Mom and Dad