Well -He's Gone......ELDER UNCLE KYLE

July 7, 2009 was the actual plane ride to SLC for the new life at the Provo MTC
The newest Elder Nichols replaces his cousin Elder Bradley Nichols now home
July 29, will be the next plane ride to Lima Peru MTC for more knowledge -
Cool part is that HE LOVES IT ALREADY & has great success with spanish.
So there is hope for all you high school spanish students
and rewards for seminary teachers!
Today will mark the official launch of the KYLE blog,
& you can follow his mission stuff there. .
We appreciate all you who have supported Kyle
as he prepares for this great opportunity!

As always. . .It's been a whirlwind summer, and we are almost there -
THE WEDDING! Hope to see a lot of you there. . .
Miss Stacie will become Mrs. Smith on August 1
and she will be busy preparing her classroom after that -
so you will have to catch her updates on her blog as well.
Thanks to her sisters for throwing a shower in June and
helping by making the dresses for the little girl cousins!
Many new addresses in store for our kids -
so we will update those as they happen -
always feel free to look any of us up on FB

Sincerely want to thank all of our friends and family
for making LIFE possible for us and enduring
the drama of our lives as we have defragged and
cleaned up our home and yard in preparation for our
EMPTINESS & some company to join us -
Stephanie/Brandon/Christian/Elyse/Grant moved in when
Kyle moved out and it has been a welcome addition -
they are helping us block out the
"QUIET" of our "Empty Nest"
with the shrills and giggles of a happy home
with adventures in reorganizing/ yard work/chasing the little dog
& swimming a lot ! ! ! ! !

Looking forward to having all of our children with us again
in the LA temple and thinking of Kyle as He serves the Lord diligently
and blessing the lives of those he meets!
Labor Day tradition will hopefully continue and
we will meet again at the Lake!

Memorial Day - Official kick off summer 2009

Memorial Weekend speaks for itself -
Great Family Friends, the next generation!
Great FUN and always more food than we need.
Our Bit of Heaven on Earth

All of our children, spouses, and grandchildren
and our parents spent the day in the LA Temple.

Guys wrapped it up with a fun night at the Dodger Game
to honor Kyle's request for "BONDING" before he
leaves for his 2 year mission to Peru on July 7th

Gals celebrated Stacie's upcoming wedding by showering
her with gifts, and embarrassing her with funny memories -
asking her & Zach what their new life will bring
SUNDAY, June 28, 2009
Kyle and Stacie gave beautiful talks at Sacrament meeting
Zach officially joined the bros...Tyler, Peter and Kyle
"I Know that My Redeemer Lives"
A mother's pay to hear her children and feel complete!

We continued our tradition of playing at the lake for the 4th of July
Kyle Peter Stacie and Zach joined us at Nikki's