BLESSINGS . . .what a privledge to behold!

Kyle Favero Nichols was a very special teenager
that had the opportunity to have all of his grandfathers,
brothers, brothers-in-law and Father
participate in the special blessing of becoming an Elder
preparing him to serve the Lord on
his 2 year mission for the church.

It was a special ending to a perfect weekend also
while these same fine men, including Uncle Kyle,
along with Katy's family, held little Carter,
our latest addition to the family, in their hands and
gave him a name and a blessing
pronounced by his daddy, Tyler.
What a thrill for a mother to be honored
as you watch your son's participate in
such special ordinances along with your husband
and know that they are honoring their God.

We had a wonderful time being together as always and
look forward to the next milestone in our life -
Kyle entering the Temple before he leaves
on his mission to serve the Lord
in Peru, Trujillo on July 8, 2009.
It was a quiet moment here that morning
as he carefully opened his envelope.

He didn't want any fanfare or special attention,
just a solemn moment of peace and tears as we
watched Kyle receive his call to serve the Lord.
His strength was obvious as he learned of
his destination and immediately knew that
He was called where he needed to be.
So, as we are preparing with him
to make this important trip,
We are certainly enjoying the journey!

Steve's Happiest Place on Earth. . . . . . . . . . . Yes, Disneyland!

As the yearly occurance of
get in free on your Bday -

The wheels were turning for a party. . .

Steve's and Spencer's 4th big one
together at D I S N E Y L A N D!!!
Everyone made it for a CELEBRATION~

Stephanie and Brandon had to decide if they were going to buy the passes or not - Grant's free

Heidi and Rich were happy to get one in free and only have to pay for 2 til Sam turns 3 in May

Nikki and Jordan paid for just the two of them for the last time as Warren turns 3 in April

Tyler and Katy as 2fer's could go again, if they really wanted to - living so close is a plus. . .

Peter and Stacie traveled from Utah to join the family and their friends got a taste of CRAZY!

Kyle loved it all as he was beginning to realize that it might be his last trip with EVERYONE-

Of course - we will be going again . . .I heard Steve promise Christian if he helped him with some project here at the house, they would make a trip together and just hit the good stuff!