i apologize

please forgive me... i never should have started this blog for my parents without first teaching my Dad how to do it. I know he's just dying to post all of his pictures of his grandchildren and blog his opinions of pop culture! I should have thought about your feelings as faithful readers of their blog. Please know that it was not my intention to build up your hopes, or disappoint you... only a loving attempt to keep Ma & Pa Nichols connected, and up to date.
Only Jordan could get my Dad to sit down for an hour of video games by telling him he needed his help to beat the game... he couldn't do it alone. Haha, good one Jordan!
You probably already know, but Steve celebrated his XXth birthday this weekend in style ... a weekend trip to Las Vegas! Let's hope he stayed near Mom and didn't make it to any Thunder from Down Under shows! For a brief snapshot into Steve's XXth year, visit Peter's blog.
Furthermore, in an effort to pressure Ma & Pa Nichols (Head prefects of the NIHKL), please send them a heated email as soon as possible, to squeeze a post or two out of them this year (Hey, we'll even accept another one from Kyle, right? I hear Steve's got another new miniature creature crawling about)!!